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Zrist Dx

About Zrist Dx

Zrist Dx is a very intense game. Your mission is to pass the
Avoid endless obstacles, Collect the highest score and exchange them for new items.

The Zrist DX pixel challenges can help you become more adaptable! Embark on an endless black-and-white journey! You'll be forced to adapt to the constantly changing rules of this game. Discover every mode, set new records, and get skins for your square!

Get ready for a never-ending race on a luminous platform! This problem makes the game an endless race of adaptation by always adding new rules. Open your senses, be ready for the rules that change every 10 seconds, and let's go!

Learn the fundamental motions by following the tutorials. On a PC, you may leap by using the left click and duck by using the right click. Touching left and right on a mobile device will work. Before switching modes, the game will let you know what the new regulations are. Take some time to unwind, then resume when you're ready for the following wave.

During such pauses, you may earn more credits by watching brief commercials. At the game shop, these credits may be used to purchase new character skins and game themes. Watch yourself improve at this reflex test by learning new modes, practicing, and setting new records!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the fastest reflex player.


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