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Slope io

About Slope io

Slope io is a thrilling running game that tests your hand-eye coordination. Control a ball to roll on many platforms and gain as many points as possible.

In this game, your ultimate objective is to run as far as possible. The racetrack is made from interconnected slopes. The slopes are super steep and narrow. Therefore, the ball can fall out of the racetrack easily. All you have to do is to keep the ball steady and avoid sudden movements. Watch out! The racetrack is full of obstacles like the red cube. They can move left or right automatically and their position is unpredictable. If the ball collides with them, the game is over. Moreover, you also need to be careful when the ball goes through the tunnel. If it crashes into the wall of the tunnel, the run is over. It is a good idea to keep the ball rolling in the middle of the racetrack, which allows you to easily move to the left or the right to evade the obstacles. Try your best to avoid all obstacles to survive as long as possible.

This game is quite challenging for beginners. The running speed of the ball will increase gradually as the game progresses. In addition, the further you go, the more obstacles you have to face. Therefore, it requires fast reflexes and quick fingers while playing the game.

Four tips to beat the game

If you want to conquer the track in this game, you need some tips. Here are some useful strategies that help you go further if you follow them strictly:

  • Utilize the slanted board: The racetrack has insurmountable leaps between the slopes. If you want to overcome them, you need to control the ball to go on the slanted board along the track. The slanted board not only assist the ball to fly through the giant leaps easily but also increases its speed.
  • Keep the ball steady and avoid sudden movements: As the racetrack is truly narrow, the probability of falling is high. If the ball suddenly moves left or right, it can fall out of the track easily. Therefore, it's vital to keep the ball steady to minimize the risk of falling.
  • Keep the ball in the middle of the racetrack to evade the obstacle easily: The obstacles lie around and scatter on the path. Their position is unpredictable. Therefore, keeping the ball in the middle of the racetrack helps you to move left or right easily to avoid the obstacles ahead. Besides, the ball will not crashes into the wall when it rolls in the middle of the tunnel.
  • Plan your moves in advance while the ball is flying in the sky: After the ball goes through the slanted board, it will fly in the air and then land on the next slope. Once airborne, the time and the speed of the ball seem to slow down a little bit. In addition, you can observe the path ahead clearly while the ball is flying. Therefore, it is a good time to plan your moves in advance. You need to plan your landing spot and develop an effective strategy to avoid the upcoming obstacles.

How to control

Press "A-D" keys or "Q-D" keys or "LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW KEYS" to control the ball.

More interesting things about Slope IO


The game features daily, weekly, monthly and all-time leaderboards which show the names of top players over the world as well as their best scores.

I recommend you log in before playing. If you log in, your highest score will be recorded on the leaderboard. You can see the rank of other players over the world. Until now, Madsjje is the best player who gets 308 points. Can you beat him or her to become the new leader on the leaderboard?

Stunning 3D graphics and engaging gameplay

Other appeals of this game are the impressive graphics and superb effects. The game is designed with 3D graphics and colourful and eye-catching images. There are many high buildings around the racetrack. Therefore, you will feel like racing in the neon city while playing. Additionally, The game features fast-paced gameplay and steep slopes, so it will give you a feeling of an adrenaline rush. It is a great solution for you to relieve stress when participating in adventures of the ball in the 3D neon city.

Feedback Section

In the playing process, you can send feedback to our website through the feedback section on the main menu if there are any game bugs or recommendations to improve Slope IO.


Slope IO was developed by Y8 Studio. It was released on September 30, 2014. The game is available on our website on both PC and mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can you play Slope IO?

This game can be played unblocked in the web browser. You can play it on our website on both mobile devices and PC for free.

2. What is the highest record in this game?

The highest record is 308. However, I believe you can beat this record soon.

3. How to hack this game?

I strongly discourage using cheats in this game. You should play fair to experience the feeling of an adrenaline rush while controlling the ball


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