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Ball Merge 2048

About Ball Merge 2048

The rule

Ball Merge 2048 is a running game with exciting gameplay. Collect the balls and reach the destination. You should be careful with rails and spikes.

In this game, you have to guide the ball to roll to the finish line. Watch out! The racetrack is full of spike traps. If the ball touches them, its size will reduce. Moreover, on the path, there are many bridges made from two ropes. If the ball is too small, it will fall into the water easily. Therefore, you need to guide the ball to move left or right to evade spike traps. In addition, when the ball goes over the bridge, you should keep it rolling on a rope to avoid falling into the water.

Another task in this game is to combine the ball with different balls on the track. Keep in mind that the balls with the same colour and number can be combined. After combining, the number on the ball is doubled. If it reaches 2048, its colour will turn into seven colours and it will speed up to the finish line. Your score in the level is the number on the ball after it crosses the finish line.

The game will bring to you a thrilling experience and a relaxing time. Play the game and have fun now. If you like this game, I want to suggest another running game which is Slope IO. It is also really interesting and brings you moments of excitement.

How to control

Swipe the mouse to steer the ball

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by TrendyGames and released in February 2022. It is playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Levels and some tips for Ball Merge 2048

Challenging levels

The game features 13 levels with different degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the harder it is. Furthermore, The frequency of obstacles will increase corresponding to the level. Therefore, you need to utilize your quick reflex and a fast hand to evade all obstacles on the racetrack. Do your best to complete all levels in the shortest time. It's time to show off your skills.

Some tips to beat all levels

The levels in this game are a little bit challenging, so I want to suggest some useful strategies to finish them more easily. Here's the list of tips.

  • Keep the ball in the middle of the track: Actually, the racetrack is fairly narrow. Moreover, there is a river under it. If the ball unexpectedly falls into the water, the game is over. Therefore, you should control the ball to roll in the middle of the racetrack to avoid this happening. Just move left or right when necessary.
  • Roll on a rope of the bridge: The bridge is made from two ropes. If you guide the ball to roll in the middle of the bridge, it can fall into the water at any time. It is a good idea to go on the left or right rope to overcome the bridge.
  • Utilize other balls to avoid the obstacles: You can push other balls on the path to cover the dangerous traps.


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