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Super Slope Game

About Super Slope Game

Entertaining gameplay

Super Slope Game is a great speed game with different modes. Attempt to roll the ball to go as far as you can and collect all diamonds along the way.

This game is played by controlling a ball to roll as far as possible on the endless racetrack. This racetrack is created from interconnected steep slopes. On these slopes, you can see many obstacles. They scatter on the path and are movable. Therefore, you need to utilize your fast hand and quick reflexes to control a ball to evade obstacles. Besides, you also need to be careful with the walls of the tunnel. The run is over if the ball bumps into them. When the ball goes through the tunnel, you need to keep it rolling in the middle of the tunnel. Another way is to roll on the roof of the tunnel. However, this is a dangerous way as this will make you fall off the track easily.

On the path, there are many green diamonds. Don't ignore them as they are important to you. You can use it to exchange various balls in the shop. Thus, you need to collect as many diamonds as possible. Nevertheless, you should not pick up diamonds at all costs. Your ultimate objective in this game is to go as far as you can and get the highest possible score.

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How to control


Press "ARROW KEYS' to control


Use the mouse to play

Some relevant information about Super Slope Game

Game modes

This game is an advanced version of Slope IO as it has more game modes than the original version. There is a total of 4 game modes in this game. Each mode has a different degree of difficulty.

  • Normal: This mode features simple graphics. The main colour of the theme is blue. Moreover, the rolling speed of the ball is fairly slow. Therefore, if you are just on verge of discovering this game, you can choose this mode to practice
  • Classic: The theme of this mode is really similar to the theme of the original version. The primary colours are neon green and black. Additionally, the rolling speed of the ball is faster than the Normal mode. Therefore, you can play this mode after practising.
  • Colors: If you want something colourful, choose this mode. It features vivid colours and more obstacles. For that reason, it is a perfect fit for skilful players.
  • Special: This mode is special as the track is made from wood. In this mode, you will meet more obstacles and the speed of the ball is extremely fast. Therefore, if you master this game, challenge yourself with this mode.

The shop

It sells a variety of balls in different colours. You need to pay 500 diamonds to purchase a ball. Especially, all the balls in the shop are hidden. When you purchase them, you need to click on the random box. Therefore, you don't know which ball you bought.

Developer and Platform

This game is created by No Outlinks and released in May 2022. It can be played in the web browser and on both PC and mobile devices.


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