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Slope 2

About Slope 2


Slope 2 is a stimulating running game which offers you a chance to explore the world of neon. Roll the ball to go as far as possible to level up.

The game is the sequel to Slope IO, so their gameplay is fairly similar. Your mission in this game is to take control of the ball which rolls forward at a fast speed. On the path, you can see a variety of square obstacles which block your way. All you have to do is to control the ball to move left or right to them. Additionally, there are many insurmountable leaps between slopes. To overcome them, you need to utilize the slanted boards. Roll the ball to go on the slanted board to jump as high as possible. While flying in the air, you should plan the landing spot and your possible moves in advance. Furthermore, along the way, you can see some boosters which are shaped in the form of arrows. They lie around and are scattered on the path. When the ball rolls over them, its speed will increase dramatically.

Another task in this game is to collect as many diamonds as possible. You can use the diamond you collected to purchase more boosters and a variety of cool balls in the shop. However, sometimes, you need to learn to give up. Don't try to grab all diamonds at all costs. This will make you fall off the track easily.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to control a ball

Dominant features of Slope 2

Available boosters

This game offers 3 boosters which help you go further and collect more diamonds. You can purchase them in the shop and use them when necessary. Here's the list of boosters in the game and their function

  • Shield: It is used to protect the ball from any damage. However, keep in mind that it can't protect you from falling. The game is still over if you fall off the track while using this power-up. Moreover, its effect will disappear after a limited time.
  • Magnet: If you want to collect more diamonds, you should use it. This power-up helps to attract all diamonds near you. You don't need to control the ball to move left or right to grab the diamonds. Instead, you just need to stay in the middle of the track and the diamonds will automatically move to your stock.
  • x2 Multiplier: You can use this power-up to double the number of diamonds you collected.

A variety of balls

The shop sells not only boosters but also a variety of cool balls. There is a total of 9 balls with different colours and prices in the shop. You can use the diamonds you collected to buy your favourite ball.

  • Basketball: Costs 100 diamonds
  • Beach Ball: Costs 200 diamonds
  • Soccer Ball: Costs 300 diamonds
  • Baseball: Costs 500 diamonds
  • Tennis Ball: Costs 700 diamonds
  • Pool Ball: There are two pool balls numbered 6 and 11. They cost 1000 and 1500 diamonds
  • The Earth: Costs 2000 diamonds


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