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Skate Hooligans

About Skate Hooligans

The gameplay

Skate Hooligans is an interesting game where you control a character to avoid obstacles on the road and collect coins. Don't let the police catch up.

The game is familiar with easy gameplay. Your mission is to run away from the police at a train station that has thousands of obstacles. Press the up arrow to jump over them, the down arrow to slide and the right and left arrows to avoid them. Moreover, you need to collect as many coins as possible to upgrade your equipment. You also change new characters, skateboards and backgrounds with coins. Click on the game to discover many interesting features.

This is a classic game, but the 3D graphics and background will bring a new feeling to you. The character is waiting for your help. Let's come to the game and get the record for this endless road. If you like this game, you can also check out another exciting running game which is Slope IO on our website.

How to control

Use arrow keys to control the character

Noteworthy features of Skate Hooligans

Game map

The game features 4 maps including Downtown, Subway, Amusement Park, and Airport. You need to complete different missions to unlock the maps. If you want to unlock the Subway, you need to find enough 30 tokens in the Downtown map. Otherwise, the Amusement Park is only unlocked if you find out 50 T-rexes in Subway. If you want to enter the Airport, you need to collect enough 70 aeroplanes in Amusement Park.

Available power-ups

This game offers many power-ups that you can collect along the way. They will assist you a lot as the game progresses. However, the effects of these power-ups will disappear after a limited time. Therefore, you have to use the coins you collected to upgrade these power-ups. After they are upgraded, their effects will last longer. Here's the list of power-ups in the game and their function.

  • Heart: This power-up is really important as it will offer you an extra life. After a life, you won't die if you crash into an obstacle. If you upgrade this power-up, you will have more lives.
  • Police Car: If you can get a Police Car, you can go faster.
  • x2 Multiplier: Ths power-up will double the number of coins you collected.
  • First Aid Kit: It is used to protect you from obstacles along the way. If you use it, you won't get hurt after bumping into any obstacle.

The shop

It sells a variety of cool characters, skateboards and skateboarding moves. You can use the coins you earned to purchase them.

  • Characters: There is a total of 26 characters sold in the shop. However, only 12 characters can be unlocked by coins. The remaining characters are unlocked in different ways. For example, if you want to get a little girl named Darla, you need to find enough 100 candies in the lucky box.
  • Skateboards. The shop sells 17 skateboards with different designs and prices. Use the coins you earned to exchange your favourite skateboard.
  • Skateboarding moves: You can purchase many cool skateboarding moves such as Balance, Swallow, Skyscraper, Funnel, Trinity and so on.


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