About Run 3

The principle

Run 3 is the third version of the Run trilogy with more exciting challenges. Help an alien to overcome the leaps and reach the destination safely.

Your task in this game is to control the alien and get over all problems in the tunnel. You have to jump over the holes to avoid falling into them. Beware the rectangles which can fall down. You need to shift sides to find the most convenient way to jump. The game has many modes for you to play. You can play adventure or infinite mode. In adventure mode, you can play many different levels while you can race an endless tunnel in infinite mode.

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How to play

Use arrow keys to control the alien

Some interesting secrets about Rune 3

Characters in the game

This game features many characters with different colours and abilities. They are unlocked when you complete the levels in the game. Besides, you can use the power cells to purchase them. Here's the list of characters in the game.

  • Runner: It is a default character at the start. She is stronger when running on the ground.
  • Skater: This character can run very fast. But its jump height and strafe are fairly low. You can get it after completing Level 10.
  • Lizard: Its running speed is fairly slow, but it can jump very high. It will be unlocked if you can complete Level 40
  • Bunny - It is a character with a faster running speed and the ability to stop jumping. This character can be unlocked in 2 ways. The first way is to complete 8 in-game achievements.
  • Another way is to purchase from the shop with 2,000 power cells.
  • Child: It is a character with slow running speed and an even slower faller. He is too little to knock out unsteady tiles. You can unlock it by completing the Low-power tunnel or buying it in the shop for the price of 2,000 power cells.
  • Gentleman: It is a slow-falling character. He can attract all nearby Power Cells. If you want to get it, you need to pay for 6,000 power cells.
  • Pastafarian: This character can use her bridge of light to overcome the void. Its price is 6000 power cells.
  • Student: This character is really weak. She is not affected by gravity and costs 10,000 power cells
  • Angel: This character has the ability to dash mid-air and glide safely to the ground afterwards. You can use 12,000 power cells to buy him.

Game modes

This game offers two modes including Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. Each mode has a different characteristic.

  • Explore Mode: In this mode, you have to complete 309 levels. Each level has a different degree of difficulty. Do your best to finish all levels.
  • Infinite Mode: In this mode, you will run on an endless tunnel. Your goal is to get as far as possible to gain the highest possible score. The highest score is saved to a leaderboard.


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