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Crazy Tunnel 3D

About Crazy Tunnel 3D

The playing rule

Crazy Tunnel 3D is a thrilling running game with the objective of guiding a ball to avoid dangerous obstacles and roll as far as possible on the endless orbit.

This game offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in an interesting race in outer space. Your duty is to guide a ball to roll as far as possible and get the highest score. The further you can go, the higher score you can get. The racetrack is full of deadly obstacles such as spikes or circles. Moreover, their position is unpredictable. Use your quick reflexes and fast hands to control a ball to jump and slide from side to side to avoid them. Do your best to reach the final destination to unlock the next map.

Don't hesitate! Play this game now and explore the universe. It's also a chance to test your reflex. Featuring awesome graphics, beautiful themes and incredible speed, this game will bring you the feeling of an adrenaline rush and moments of excitement. Much like this game, our website presents Slope IO which is also a cool fast-paced game. If you have free time, check it out!

How to control

Press "ARROW KEYS" and "WASD" keys to move and jump

Distinctive features of Crazy Tunnel 3D

Some of the Threats Ahead

This game features two main obstacles that appear regularly on the racetrack. They are really dangerous, so you have to try your best to evade them. Here's the list of dangers on the path and some tricks to avoid them.

  • Spikes: These obstacles lie around and are scattered in the orbit. Their frequency is high and their positions are unpredictable. if the ball bumps into them, it will explode. Therefore, you should take control of the ball to move left or right to dodge them.
  • Circles: You can see many circles which surround the racetrack. They can shrink or stretch at any time. For small circles, you need to control the ball to jump to avoid them. Sometimes, you also need to keep pressing the up arrow key to make the ball fly when you see continuous small circles. Contrarily, if you see large circles, you don't need to do anything. Just keep the ball rolling forward.

Game map

The game offers two maps including Sun, Nebula and Dark Moon. Each map has a different degree of difficulty.

  • Sun: In this map, you have to run in the orbit which surrounds the Sun.
  • Nebula: This map is unlocked after you complete the Sun map. This map gives you a chance to run in orbit connecting different planets in the universe. While running, you can see many beautiful stars around the Nebula.
  • Dark Moon: In this map, you will control the ball to roll on the orbit surrounding the Moon. If you want to play this map, you need to complete the Nebula map.

Developer and Platforms

Crazy Tunnel 3D was made by No Outlinks and released in May 2022. This game is available unblocked in the web browser. You can use your PC or mobile device to play it anytime.


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