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Wheely 8

About Wheely 8

Wheely 8 is very attractive puzzle game. Your mission is to help the aliens and show them that Earth is friendly to prevent a future invasion!

Wheely 8 is playable for free online! While seeing foxes and other animals while enjoying a picnic may be a typical occurrence, common things have no place in Wheely 8, the eighth version of the well-liked puzzle game series. A shooting star, perhaps? during the day? No! A UFO, indeed! Good fortune! It fell just next to the picnic location chosen by Wheely and Jolie. But don't be alarmed. These nice extraterrestrials require assistance to fix their spacecraft. Wheely has offered to assist them, and he has confidence in you to manage the circumstance. Help the aliens and show them that Earth is nice to stop a future invasion by making this picnic a lasting memory!

Help Wheely navigate the city, the forest, and other locales in the eighth adventure of your beloved red automobile to gather the necessary equipment to fix the invaders' spaceship. Wheely is aware of the ideal candidate for the job, the proprietor of the neighborhood repair business. Your role as the player is to assist Wheely as he attempts to acquire the necessary components to finish each level. In each level, just as in the other games in this puzzle-adventure game series, you must solve riddles and get rid of numerous obstacles in order to make a way for Wheely to safely go to the exit.

Your main goal is to make it to the red flaged end of the level without getting caught or killed. A wheel and a toy car are two hidden treasures in each level that you may look for to get bonus points. Unlike the most recent extraterrestrial technology, the controls are not difficult to use. The puzzles and other mechanisms in the levels can all be moved and activated by clicking on them.


  • 12 tiers
  • Interesting conundrums
  • Colorful images
  • Enjoyable gameplay

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.


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