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Stunt Extreme

About Stunt Extreme

Stunt Extreme is incredible stunt game. You have to race against time and your opponents. With your car be the best player driving the fastest car.

Are you prepared for Stunt Extreme's high levels of adrenaline? Get aboard your motorcycle and do your greatest feats for everyone! You're not by yourself on this journey, so have the guts to prove to everyone that you're the finest stuntman around. Can you put on a fantastic show while riding your motorcycle?

You have to obtain your motorcycle in this motorcycle game and race against other players. Being cautious with your movements is more crucial than being faster than your competitors. You must maintain a solid balance on your stunt motorcycle. If you don't, you might easily tumble off your motorcycle and lose time.

Even so, getting back on your motorcycle after falling off is simple to do. However, you will have to start again if you trip over the tiny sand dunes or run into your competitors. Changing lanes is simple simply swiping your character up or down.

This implies that if something blocks your path, you will need to immediately change lanes. You must use the arrows in the lower left of the screen to control your motorcycle as you gain speed and ride up a hill that will take you to a thrilling descent. You may then try to land safely on the road or do daredevil actions like a 360-degree flip.

So mount your bike and prepare to keep your character as safe and hip as you can!

How to play

Just use the keyboard to move and you can win.


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