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Smileyworld Bubble Shooter

About Smileyworld Bubble Shooter

Smileyworld Bubble Shooter is very cool bubble blasting game. Pop the smiley bubbles, Collect all the minifigures and explore 100 exciting levels.

Have fun by popping the smiley bubbles in SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter! To clear the levels, aim and fire smiling heads at the groupings! Enjoy the jovial theme's enjoyable feel and the difficulty of the game's tens of levels! As the smileys begin to appear, press the start button and pay attention to the screen of your device.

The upbeat vibe and enjoyable levels of this Bubble Shooter masterpiece will become addictive to you! Stop what you're doing and grin while letting the game grab your heart! Gain better aim by completing stages as you explore SmileyWorld's streets! Press the start button to begin at the first, easiest level and get a feel for the game.

Follow the tasks and blast bubbles to obtain the goodies. The only way to make the bubbles fall is to fire them with bubbles of the same color. A mega smiley may be fired from the smiley booster on the right to clear a small area after making successful movements to unlock it. When you fail a level, you expend lives to try again. If you run out of lives, do not fear; they will replenish soon. By fulfilling objectives and moving up the levels, you may explore the amazing world of Smileys!


  • A fresh and enjoyable concept
  • As characters, funny faces
  • Many levels
  • Vitality and boosters
  • Accessible using mobile devices

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the ball shooter pass all the levels.


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