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Police Car Town Chase

About Police Car Town Chase

Police Car Town Chase is driving game. Collect money and not be chased by the police. You can buy more powerful cars to enjoy. Game is very interesting right?

You had best floor it in Police Car Town Chase because the police are right after you! We don't know what you did, but judging by the way these policemen drive, their main goal is to stop you. Do your best to avoid being hit by their attempts to do so and get away as long as you can!

Lawbreaker! You have been termed that. Fortunately, you were able to depart at a window of opportunity, but it's not yet time to unwind. To collect as many points as you can while playing this game, you must survive. The challenge of eluding the cops is difficult.

But you can play this game with its straightforward controls and feel like an action movie hero while driving! Click the play button on the main menu to begin the game.

You may search the in-game marketplace for a variety of various cars before pressing the start button. To view your options, click the symbol in the lower left corner. With the money you earn from playing the game, you may purchase these various automobiles. Your automobile will start out the game moving on its own. Simply use the arrow keys to modify its course to avoid colliding with other vehicles or obstructions. You can view the condition of your automobile in the upper right corner of the screen. When it hits 0, the game is over, so take care!

  • Vivid 3D graphics.
  • There are 28 different cars to unlock and drive.
  • Logical controls.
  • Engrossing and compelling gameplay.

How to play

Use the mouse to move you can also win.


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