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Paintball Racers

About Paintball Racers

Paintball Racers is physics hill racing game. Beat every racer while being thrown by giant paint balls. Drive as fast as you can while performing every mission.

You'd better go somewhere else to eat as the kitchen is closed today. In Paintball Racers, climb on your toy car and compete against other vehicles in a cluttered kitchen to win. Aim your gun at any opponents trying to race you while dodging the numerous forks, spoons, and knives that may be found on a kitchen counter! In Paintball Racers, grab power-ups, boost your turbo, and envelop your competitors in exhaust smoke as you near the finish line.

However, the kitchen's heat source is not the stove. Not all races have strict rules! Some are more accommodative and promote original thinking. In actuality, Paintball Racers work in this manner.

Having a powerful weapon installed on the hood of your car adds to the intensity of the race. Over the course of the game's 20 stages, your objective as the player is to triumph in each race you enter. If you fall behind because a fork or plate is missing along the way, you can use your car's turbo boost in addition to the weapon. You may press the Z key to activate your turbo, but keep in mind that you must replenish it after each use. When you do each stunt, such as wheelies and leaps off ramps, your turbo meter will fill. If you utilize each other wisely, you can leave them all.

With the coins you have gained at each level, you can select from four different boosters to give yourself an advantage in this tough race. Time to discharge a weapon! Take out the annoying racer who has been following you for a while using your weapon. In Paintball Racers, there are four different types of bullets, and each one has a different effect. Don your helmet and show the other participants that you are the only one who has succeeded in winning this race!


  • 20 humorous levels.
  • four different enhancers.
  • Four different types of bullets.
  • Purchase upgrades.

How to play

Use the mouse to move you can also win.


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