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Madmen Racing

About Madmen Racing

Madmen Racing is a racing game with many different very attractive cars. In the game, you will be racing with professional racers and become the best.

Take part in one of the strangest competitions you've ever seen in Madmen Racing. In races, competitors often drive fast automobiles, but that is not the case in this game. Set up shop at the starting line and get ready to interact with a wide range of people. Can you easily complete a variety of tracks while beating them all?

Just a handful of the bizarre creatures you may control in this game include a grandfather in a wheelchair, a mad man in a shopping cart, and a person in a rubbish can. Don't judge these oddball racers by the appearance of their cars! The basic goal of this game is to win every race by carrying out various duties.

There are 18 distinct stages in the game that you may play, each with a different goal. Selecting a racer is a good way to start the game. You can only use one of them at first, but as you complete stages and earn cash, you may unlock the others.

Each racer features six distinct upgradeable metrics, including wheels, speed, and other attributes. You must choose a level after selecting a character. To navigate your car, use the arrow keys. To utilize your nitro boost, click the X key. The top of the screen is where you can see your nitro levels. Your nitro will become less after usage, but it will eventually replenish.

How to play

Use mouse to move be the best player in this exciting racing game.


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