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Hydro Storm 2

About Hydro Storm 2

Hydro Storm 2 is the dangerous race waiting for you. You have to do your best to become one of the leaders in these water motor races. Be the best player.

Take part in Hydro Storm 2's spectacular journey. You must put forth your best effort to place among the leaders in the risky races that the jet skis will be participating in. You'll arrive to desolate stadiums in a post-apocalyptic future on unstoppable waves. You have no choice but to be among the best to survive since all of your competitors are the finest at riding jet skis for their life. Are you prepared to experience riding your jet ski like never before and feeling the breeze on every inch of your body?

Prepare yourself by mounting your jet ski. To survive, you must avoid the dangerous roadblocks that are everywhere.

There are eight of you attempting to endure, and you lag the other seven competitors. Make every effort to reach the front lines. Try to memorize every bend and every challenge. As a result, you can ride against the waves more quickly. There is absolutely no law in this post-apocalyptic location from the future.

You are all on your own to preserve your lives. To go on to other levels, do your best to finish the rounds among the first four riders. You must finish your races in metro mayhem, harboring destruction, ship cemetery, and many more desolate locations.

To turn your jet ski, using the arrow or WASD keys. Check out all the powerful jet skis you can unlock, don't forget. When you are storming on your jet ski, take in the lifelike action of the waves and try not to feel seasick!


  • Real-looking 3D visuals.
  • Unlocking parkour.
  • Realistic motion when riding.
  • To unlock, use jet skis.

How to play

Use the mouse to move you have also won this race.


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