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Draw Rider

About Draw Rider

Draw Rider is fun racing game! Prepare for the race and we'll paint your tires to aid in your victory! Join the race quickly to complete every level!

Get ready to compete in Draw Rider's craziest and funniest races yet! We will draw your tires to assist you in winning the race! Does it seem strange? So let's start the game and see what happens! excellent experience

This racer is not your ordinary racing game! Your drawing abilities will help us defeat your opponent today! Do you want to know how it turns out? then click "play" to start the game and start sketching straight away. Your objective in this game is to utilize your automobile to defeat your opponent on each level, but this time you have to build the tires for it.

Your automobile won't be usable unless you mount the proper tires on it. Moving forward occasionally involves leaping over large statues, and other times involves breaking boxes. It's even feasible to drive across the river! So the tires should be different when going on specific routes.

For instance, if you mark a circle-shaped pair of tires on the river, your rival may be able to pass you. A progress bar for the race may be seen at the top of the screen. It's crucial to collect coins since you may use them to make enhancements. Do you genuinely think what you drew? If that's the case, you'll win this race with ease! excellent experience

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.


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