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About Carfight.io

Carfight.io is very attractive driving game. Started fighting. Hit and knock down the cars as fast as you can to become the best car destruction fighter.

Prepare to participate in a lethal competition in CarFight.io! This game encourages you to rely on your driving abilities to survive this encounter by bringing gamers from all over the world into an arena. As you try to outmaneuver your rivals, buckle up, look in your side mirrors, and floor the gas. Can you beat the last driver standing?

Normally, drivers compete against one another in races, but in this game, things work a little differently. In this game, your main goal is to eliminate as many opponents as you can while dodging their efforts to push you off the edge. To achieve this, you must attempt to force them off the edge.

You had best get things moving if you don't want to be the first to meet your demise. You may choose a car from 12 available models and choose a moniker for yourself before the game even begins. Click on the screen to steer your automobile, then move the pointer in any direction. Both you and the players you strike will somewhat rebound after the impact. Observe your surroundings carefully since you don't want to slip off the ledge while attempting to take out a rival. When you kill a player, you increase in size and receive a point. Try to kill as many players as you can since the bigger you become, the more powerful you'll be.


  • There are 12 distinct automobile skins available.
  • Grading scale
  • Playing multiplayer games online
  • Logical controls

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best driver to reach the finish line first.


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