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Bubble Burst

About Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst is a very cool ball shooting game. Your task is to shoot all the balls and fill the burst meter. Be the best player to complete your goal.

Launch with 3...2...1... Although we're confident you haven't been to space yet, you've undoubtedly blown bubbles all over the place! Travel to outer space in the incredibly addicting game Bubble Burst and begin bursting the vibrant bubbles! Are you equipped to handle the many obstacles and game mechanics found on the game's numerous levels?

Bubble Burst features a gameplay that will have you glued in front of your screen, much like many other games in the bubble-shooting genre. Get rid of the notion that asteroids will be seen. You will only see vibrant bubbles in Bubble Burst! Prepare to begin the action by returning to your cannon.

In order to win this game, you must fire bubbles at the bubbles you see on the game screen in order to empty the board. On the board, there will be bubbles of various colors grouped together. You must fire bubbles of the same hue towards those clusters in order to pop them.

You can explode bubbles if you can group three or more of the same hue together. You will fill your burst meter as you pop bubbles. As soon as it is full, your cannon will fire bullets towards the bubbles! Each level has a maximum of three stars that you may obtain based on how quickly you accomplish it.

You can see how much time is remaining on the left side of the screen. Forget about the same old levels! You'll encounter a variety of mechanics in Bubble Burst's stages. Don't be shocked if you come upon a black hole! Feeling a level's wallow? The levels contain a variety of power-ups, so start playing to locate them all!

How to play

Use mouse to move be the best shooter.


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