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Bob The Robber 3

About Bob The Robber 3

Bob The Robber 3 is fun game. Your mission is to become a successful thief and help the nation. Let's overcome all challenges to complete the mission.

In the Bob the Robber 3 movie, our neighborhood criminal Bob does not receive the unfavorable kinds of attention that successful burglars typically do. This third episode of the series has Bob setting off on a brand-new journey. He has been given a job by a military intelligence outfit after their careful eyes were drawn to his abilities. He now has a massive robbery to pull off that is unlike any other! As you complete each level, put on your mask to assist him in unraveling the secrets of the top-secret base.

Whatever a top-secret military base's plans are for opportunistic trespassers, Bob is prepared to confront them!

As you attempt to access the vault, your goal is to find every secret document that has been concealed on each level. Without security cameras, fierce guards, and several technical barriers meant to deter intrusion, a top-secret base wouldn't be complete. Although this theft won't be simple, Bob is committed to seeing it through. One may deceive a security camera! What they can't see, they can't catch. Stay hidden in the darkness until you can run for safety. When you merge with the darkness, no one can see you. The guards' puffy eyes and lethargic motions reveal the poor working conditions at this establishment.

Wait till the ideal moment to knock them out. But be cautious! The guards are still huge, strong men, despite their appearance of slumber, and if they capture you, they won't let you go. You also need to find out how to get past closed doors as an impediment. Most locks can be opened by Bob using his reliable lock pick, but certain electronic doors require a different strategy. To unlock various devices, access specific doors, and solve a variety of fresh riddles, you'll need to. We hope there are still some empty pockets on your utility belt!


  • Platforming using stealthy components.
  • There are many different problems to solve.
  • 10 new levels to finish.
  • Overcome a variety of adversaries.

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.


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