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Armed Road

About Armed Road

Armed Road is a thrilling new game with beautiful 3D graphics. Drive your heavy armed vehicle to hit the road and clean your dear city from gangsters!

Get into your armored vehicle, buckle up, and prepare to hit the road in Armed Road. The true activity in the city begins when the sun sets. Are you prepared to traverse a variety of foes, kill them, avoid their assaults, and endure the numerous hazards that lie in wait for you?

Look for alternatives because a conventional automobile won't work in this situation. Do not assume that the traffic you observe on the road is normal. Those are your vicious adversaries who are out to get you. The goal of this game is to outlast other automobiles for as long as you can. Your automobile automatically fires bullets, so your only concern is navigating the lanes.

In real life, navigating through such traffic would be pretty difficult, but in this game, you don't need a license to drive! The arrow keys or your mouse can be used to steer your automobile. You begin with three lives. Each harm you sustain costs you one life point. You'll burst if you run out of lives and will lose the game. From the screen's upper left corner, you may check your health.

When a vehicle is destroyed, coins and occasionally power-ups are dropped. The money may be used to access and utilize various automobile skins from the in-game store. Your score is shown in the top right corner of the screen and is determined by the number of automobiles you pass. How much time do you think you can last?

How to play

Use mouse to move you be the best player.


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