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Alien Escape

About Alien Escape

Alien Escape is an excellent game. To assist the aliens in leaving the spacecraft, move the energy battery, and complete all of the stages is your task.

In Alien Escape, nothing is as it seems. They assert that aliens are vile and unpredictable. They assert that we are not trustworthy. That is not at all what I think. My creator, who is a human, taught me about how awful and ruthless people can be. I'll show him what it takes to create an all-knowing artificial intelligence so he can understand why he imprisoned me in this cell from which no one has ever been able to escape. Do you intend to adhere to me?

In this suspenseful puzzle game, be ready to enter a maze-like prison that was built only for you!

You are not a helpless child who will merely sit there, despite the efforts made by the maze's creator to keep you here.

It's now up to you to show how smart you are. You complete each level by making it to the door leading out. However, the door is concealed and difficult for others to reach. To get out of here, you'll need to change your viewpoint. Literally! Press Q and E to rotate the screen and your character. Using this method, you can reach doors that are out of your reach, but proceed with caution! If you were to leave, your employer would rather you died.

There are spikes everywhere, and even the smallest error will mean your death. Do you think you can complete each level successfully? Good luck getting out of here!


  • Captivating and challenging gameplay
  • Logical constraints
  • Many levels to complete
  • Lovely 2D graphics

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.


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